Overflow Top Tube Dyg. M/C

Overflow Top Tube Dyg. M/C

Overflow Top Tube Dyg. M/C
Overflow Top Tube Dyg. M/C

Product Description

We provide an attractive range of Overflow Top Tube Dyeing Machine in India. The Overflow Top Tube Dyeing Machine produced by us is recognized for its high performance, easy to handle operation, and advanced technology.

Exclusive Features:

  • Newly developed soft to high flow dyeing machine is suitable for light to heavy synthetic and cotton, knitted and woven fabric.
  • Innovative chamber design and dynamic liquor circulation system allows fabric speed up to 450 Mtrs/Min.
  • Innovative Soft to High Flow Nozzle ensures voluminous liquor interchange while avoiding twisting and pilling effect.
  • The special full-flooded nozzle adds advantage to this machine and can set in four different adjustable gaps. The nozzle pressure can be set right from 0.6 kg/cm2 to 2.8 kg/cm2, further water flow can also be adjust through pump which drive through motor driven with A.C. inverter. By using this special designed nozzle machine becomes universal. Same machine can be fitted with six different sizes of nozzles 040. 065, 080, 095, 0110, and 0130. Machine can dye different types of fabrics - light to heavy, knitted to woven.
  • Overflow rinsing system shortens rinsing time and saves water usage.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel centrifugal pump for optional dye liquor circulation. The turbo pump consumes less power with high discharge of liquor.
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger ensures the shortest possible dyeing cycle with fast heating and cooling.
  • Pressure vessel and all wet parts of machine made of stainless steel AIS1316/316L highly corrosive resistance.
  • All flanges, Plaiters and take off rollers are made out of stainless steel 304.
  • Bigger capacity color kitchen tank is available with stirrer and valves.
  • All safety devices required for a pressure vessel are incorporated with the machine.
  • Magnetic level indicator with duly calibrated in terms of liter
  • Outer finish Shot Blasted.