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Loop Steamer

     Loop Steamer
Loop Steamer

Product Description

We provide a vast range of Loop Steamer/Curing / Polymerizing Machine in India. The fixation of dyes on fabric is made by a polymerization in hot air at 150°C. We have improved the polymerization process on fabric moves in tension-less condition by our quality Curing / Polymerizing Machine; there is no rubbing and no lengthwise stretching on printed fabric.

Special Features :

  • The machine is essentially built on a steel frame with insulation panels containing mineral wool. Inside the machine, centrifugal blowers are mounted that suck surrounding air through
    a filter and blow into the machine chamber. This blowing is done from the bottom, underneath the heaters. In this way, the fresh air is first heated and then mixed with the circulation air.
  • Eventually oil condenses or hydrocarbons, which develop during fixation, are removed through an exhaust fan partially and partially re-circulated air-to-air heat recovery within the chamber.
  • The fabric transports on free loops, quantity of fabric contain from 50 meters to 250 meters and working fabric width available from 1200mm to 3300mm.
  • Some special de-ionization bars are installed at the inlet and outlet to reduce the fabric electrification phenomena.
  • The air heat is reached by thermic oil battery or direct gas burner.
  • The machine is usually equipped with electric control panel and on request it is possible to supply a logic programmer.