About Us

About Us

The Megatech Group of Companies founded under the leadership of Mr. Kuldip Kumar Sharma was established in New Delhi, India during the days of Indira Gandhi’s national leadership. The country was in need of modern technology in all spheres and the textile industry was no exception.

In 1982, Mr. Kuldip Kumar Sharma, an engineer and management expert by profession having worked in the textiles industry serving some of the biggest industrial houses of the nation decided to serve the Indian economy by providing productive employment. He used his qualification and the industry experiences to form a group of companies to source various requirements of the textiles industry including imports of machinery. Despite the volumes of clients and vendors Megatech deals with, Mr. Sharma remains personally involved to directly address client requirements to their satisfaction.

Megatech is Marketing Associate for leading European and Asian (Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese) engineering and textile machinery companies. At present, Megatech represents a full spectrum of textiles engineering equipment. Further Megatech provides consulting services and engages in support contracts to ensure our customers across India function at an optimum capacity.

As the nation moves into a new era of economic and political changes, Megatech has been at the forefront of recognizing this change and has expanded its product profile to be in synchronization with the ever changing market.

Megatech has been serving the Indian textiles industry with its enhanced products and unmatched services for the past two and a half decades. Our product offerings are also applicable across various industries that include textiles, water treatment and effluent treatment plants. Our range of washing fastness tester, hot air oven, tensile strength tester, filtration and softening systems, industrial R.O systems, water conditioner & softener along with similar products help in serving various industrial and commercial purposes.

We work towards providing state-of-the-art technology products to our customers. With the help of our management’s vast international exposure, we have incorporated the latest technology and management tools in our products and services, while keeping in mind the requirements of the textiles as well as other industries we service.

We also offer project support and technical consultancy for the installation and maintenance of all the products mentioned above. You are invited to see and browse through our complete list of products and services. As a reputed manufacturer, supplier and service provider, we offer total turnkey solutions to our customers. We are prompt to incorporate various technological advancements into our products and offer upgrades to existing ones once they’ve been tested for reliability and endurance.

Our Vision

The Megatech Group of companies is laying the foundation for better access to knowledge and technical expertise in the Indian textiles industry while also diversifying its own portfolio of products and services with intent of cash reduction and value addition.

Our principles are based on sharing our core competencies and passing on knowledge and skills with a global perspective to uplift our customers and associates along with providing valuable services to the communities we operate in.

Our Mission

At Megatech, we aspire to be the solution provider of choice across the textile value chain in India and neighboring countries. We strive to aim for customer satisfaction through a focused approach and value added services.

With relentless efforts, we shall surpass shareholder/stakeholder expectations by maximizing market share. We aim to create sustainable stakeholder value. We aim to achieve this with a team of qualified and knowledgeable staff and satisfied customers.

We strive to enhance the efficiency of our customer's processes and build our image, as a competitive products and services provider in the industrial and commercial segments.

Our Values


We follow a strict quality regime that includes continuous monitoring of products right from the stage when raw materials are procured till the final stages of production and until delivered to customers. Our company adheres to all quality standards set up by various organizations. Our strict adherence to quality ensures that all our products are defect free, durable and show highest levels of accuracy and precision.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in providing complete customer satisfaction by complying with strict quality norms and churning our precision engineered products that cater to the growing demands of the industry. Our company also provides to our esteemed clients, a range of customized products that are cost effective.